The BIG-tiny, Singular Surprise

Ok, first off, I moved my blog to WordPress. You guys kept telling me that it wouldn’t let you comment and I thought, “Ain’t nobody got time fo dat!

It was a little traumatic at first. I went to download the stuff without a Web Host and the website said something like this:

“Click here to use our 5 minute download instructions!”

Me: *Click* …

That last part is me calling Benjamin to my rescue, as he is  my main nerd. But… even he didn’t even know what it meant. *gasp*

Fortunately some genius on youtube did. Thank you, Whoever you are, you are amazing.

So, the point is, NOW YOU CAN COMMENT! …And you better do it too. I conquered my inner horrified Grandma for you. Don’t let me down.

I know the new blog layout is a little plain. Let me know if you are a WordPress genius who can help me make it look amazing. 🙂

Now, onto my main story.

Yesterday, we had a surprise. 

A big one. Actually, it was a little one. And, well, it was only halfway a surprise because we were also kind of expecting it to happen, but giving up hope that it would.

Are you thoroughly confused yet?

A few months ago we bred Cap and Gwen. They are Benjamin’s and my white german shepherds. Actually, they decided on the breeding without our permission. We were kinda like, “Oops… German Shepherd puppies it is.” I was a little worried about Gwen because she is just slightly young to have her first litter. So, I decided to pray that if it would be hard on her either she wouldn’t be pregnant or she would just have a small litter so that she could learn the ropes without having way too many puppies to handle.

Anyways, during her entire assumed pregnancy, she didn’t seem pregnant at all. She was just slim and playful and crazy like she always is. She had a few signs of pregnancy, but not enough to be sure.

When we got to the week of her due date we decided to separate her from the rest of the dogs just incase. At this point she was really driving me and the whole family crazy. Our conversations were something like this:

Dad: “I don’t think she’s pregnant. Wait, Maybe I do think she’s pregnant.”

Mom: “She’s totally pregnant. Wait, Maybe she’s not.”

Benj: *Silence*

Mom and Dad: “What do you think, Margaret?”

Me: “Umm….”

It was a very confusing time for me.

Anyways, yesterday I was in my bedroom with the AC on twisting myself into some kind of nutty Pilates position, (Why do I do it? WHY?) when Benjamin starts pounding on the door and yelling, “Marg! Come see your puppy!”

I shouted, “WHAT?”

we ran out to the little room (ok, the little outdoor bathroom) that we had been keeping Gwen in, and there it was in dad’s hand. One little puppy. I immediately thought it looked exactly like the Golden Retriever puppies, and started thinking, “Cody, I will kill you.” (Cody is our male golden retriever) when Dad apparently read my mind by saying, “It’s definitely German Shepherd.” So, I took his word for it.

Gwen was kind of freaking out, running around in circles. I really think she had no idea what was going on. She definitely knew she cared about the little thing though. Every time it squeaked she would run over and lick it.

Once we were there and I was sitting next to her she calmed down and started nursing it. She just needed me there with her to tell her it was all going to be alright. It felt really nice to be loved and trusted by my dog. Awwwww…  *insert awkward gushy moment about my doggie*

WIth her finally settled down I got a close look at the little one and realized it didn’t look like a golden at all.

It has an amazing Snoz on it, a long tapered tail, German Shepherd hind legs, (You know, where they look like they have elbows on their back legs?) and these amazing little wolf paws.

Golden Retriever puppies have these little, round mitt-like paws. This little one has big wolf feet. Only they are tiny, big wolf feet.

Little Wolf Paw

Little Wolf Paw

Gwen is a great mother. She lays down and wraps herself up around her one little puppy. It just makes my heart melt. IMG_1709

We moved her inside, by the way. I am sitting in here with her as I write this blog post.

So, that was my big, little not-quite-a-surprise surprise.IMG_1711

We knew that if she did have any puppies there would only be one or two. I had decided that if it was a boy I would name it, “Obi-ONE-Kenobi” or “Han-SOLO”

But… It’s a girl! And I have no idea what to name her. Do you have any good One-Pun name ideas? Or just any adorable girl name that I would be crazy not to name her?IMG_1714

Remember, you can now comment. Comment name ideas, blog advice, truth or dares…

Love you people!


25 thoughts on “The BIG-tiny, Singular Surprise

  1. Not sure about a punny name but she is a lone girl in an Asian country, so she could be Mulan :). I will probably be more creative in the morning . . .

  2. Aww, so sweet. This post made me miss my dog :’) She’s long gone now, but she never had less than 7 puppies at a time! I had no idea a dog that large could have only one!
    Happy puppy babymoon!

  3. WAHHHHHH! The Sybil comment made me cry! 😦 😦 😦
    Hahaha. Ok, so the only thing I can think of is ONEder Woman. And that always makes me think of that movie That Thing You Do where they called themselves the ONEders and everyone called them the o-nee-ders (which is how that looks…hahaha).

    Jacob says Cookie.
    Liberty says Mae.
    Jayden says Under Dog.
    Judah says Baby.

  4. Cute Puppy…..makes me think of my Scottish Terrior Winston….girl name… Blessing, Hope, Faith, ….thanks Connie

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