Be Awesome Instead.

Hey Peoples!!

This Morning we left Benjamin at the airport. He will be gone for three weeks. Three weeks is too long. Your argument is invalid.

Anyways, I was feeling sad and then I remembered this:


and Blogging = Awesome. I mean, right?

About a week ago Benjamin and I headed to Bangkok.


Our first stop on our adventure was a sleepover at our friend’s house. They live a lot closer to the bus station than we do and offered to drive us there to catch our bus at 3:30 AM in the morning. Now, those are true friends.

Kim, however, obviously does not understand the unspoken rule of etiquette, that you let your guests beat you at whatever game you are teaching them to play, at least once. She owned us all twice and did a victory dance over our poor, defeated, newbie selves. She is amazing… at being a friend and at Fist of Dragonstones.

After our game night we got about 3 1/2 hours of sleep before Cory drove us to the Bus Station.

We got on the 4 o’clock bus to BKK and I was all like, “Let’s take a picture and make a crazy face!” This was our attempt. I don’t know what face I’m making. I think its a, “Oh snap, I said let’s take a picture but I don’t know what to do with my face” face.


Note the snoozing guy in the back. I think he had the right idea.

When we were seated they came and handed out the snacks. Ok People, this is going to blow your minds but…


Bean Buns exist!


They have now revolutionized the Bean Bun industry so that they never go bad. They are like the Twinkies of Thailand… only less extinct.

Anyways, about 4 hours later we arrived in Bangkok. Our first mission was to get Benjamin to a certain consulate to apply for his Visa.  After a Hop, Skip, and a Jump (Or literally a Taxi, Subway, and a walk) we arrived at the said consulate about 30 minutes before it opened.

First, we needed to get some passport photos made so we walked down the street to find a shop where they made them. What we actually found was this:


Behold! The weird, little self-serve photo booth. I think the ink color was a little messed up in this thing. Benjamin’s awesome tan translated into the “Pale with Fuchsia lipgloss” look. Anyways, photos in hand, we ran back and got in the line which was already backed up down the street.

Ok, time for a little back story. They day before I was packing for our trip and had decided to wear my long-sleeve, flannel, button-up shirt for our trip. Yes, I knew the weather was supposed to be 105 degrees Fareinheit. I justified that it would be fine. The Bus trips are freezing and malls are air-conditioned and, and, and… It’s my favorite shirt, ok?

SO, we were waiting in line, in a little street in Bangkok. The sun beat down, there was no wind, no breeze. Just still, smoldering heat. My body obviously was getting seriously overly emotional  because it started weeping – from everywhere.

And as if that wasn’t enough, my brain got all accusatory like, “Mom was always right, Stupid. ‘Wear flannel to Bangkok’ you said. ‘It’ll be fine’ you said.”

Eventually the line started moving, the AC inside the consulate was calling to me. I could feel a waft of cool heaven on my face as we neared the entrance. Then I had a realization.

*Flashback to 20 minutes earlier* Benjamin and I had to go through a security checkpoint to get into the subway station. He walked through. No Beep. I walked through. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. They puled me aside and had me open my bag. I showed them my curling iron and laptop and they waved me through. When we were a few feet away Benjamin told me he had a large knife in his backpack. He was all “LOL, they stopped you for laptop and totally missed my knife.”

*back to outside the sweet coolness of the consulate* I look at Benjamin’s backpack and realize we are about to go though the security checkpoint of a foreign consulate with a U.S. Marine Corps, standard issue KA-BAR in the backpack of the person who wants a visa to visit said country.


I decided to sit outside with the backpacks. After about 15 minutes of this, and an encouraging pep talk from dad, I decided to go in and see if I could check the backpacks in somewhere before heading up the stairs to help Benjamin. As soon as I was in the door, the security guard motioned me over and offered to keep and guard my backpacks for me. He must have noticed my frenzied sweaty-ness and taken pity on me. Thank you Mr. Security Guard. You’re a gem. Anyways, it was a good thing I was able to go in because we were there standing in line for about 2 hours.  After a lot of waiting, explaining, convincing, and running around fulfilling all of the wishes of the consulate officer we were told to come back at 3:00 pm to get Benjamin’s visa.

After an hour long taxi ride we made it to our hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 11. Soi 11 has a culture all its own. It is the middle eastern corner of Bangkok. There are falafel stands, suit tailors, and trinket peddlers on every block.

If you are on that side of town you have to go to The Lebanese Restaurant… Actually you should go there no matter wat side of Bangkok you are on. When we finally made it there it was about 2 pm and it was the first thing we had eaten all day. IT. WAS. AMAZING.



Grape Rolls

Beef Schwarma

Lamb Kabob

Eating that food on a date with the coolest brother in the world is just the best. You should try it sometime.



We were happy. The End.

Haha, JK.

After our perfectly scrumptious meal we headed all the way back to that consulate and retrieved the visa.

Still running on 3 1/2 hours of sleep we decided to head over to the Mall. Umm, we’re in Bangkok, Yo. Naps? Who needs that noise?

We got coffee at Starbucks instead.

And then we got Popcorn and a giant Coke. *Gasp* And went to see “Jack the Giant Slayer.” Because Why? Because sleep deprivation and Ewan McGregor.

The theatre at the mall we were at had little seating areas with these huge, star wars “Evil Emperor” type chairs. Benjamin decided to do an Evil Emperor impression for you all.


“You are now my apprentice.”


I love this guy.

We watched some TV and had Krispi Kremes in our hotel room for dinner, and finished up the night by meeting little Cinnamon for the first time via Skype.

The next day was full of adventures and craziness too, but this post is already a million miles long.

Benjamin, you are the best to have adventures with! I love you and miss you so much already it’s kinda ridiculous.


When you get sad, (And it’s ok, because… Duh, you don’t have me there) just remember…



7 thoughts on “Be Awesome Instead.

  1. You guys are awesome, love the blog! So real to life. Trust all is well, we pray for all of you often and know that God will bless everything you do for HIS Glory! Love you.

  2. Awesome! I love reading your posts. And, so does everyone else. We were all rolling. Y’all are the best!! Hahaha… Still LOL.

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