Agent 12

If you don’t know what that means… You need to be educated. It is Megamind’s way of saying “Hello” and, more often than not, that is the way I greet people.

………….. I’m so weird. Acknowledged, moving on.

Today was Isaac’s twelfth birthday. It was filled with all kinds of good eats, amazing nerdy presents, and video cards.

In the birthdays in our family, we are lucky if we get to eat breakfast before all of the presents get opened. Waiting until after dinner so you can look forward to it all day? Who wants all that noise?
We have some visitors here right now. Pat and Taylor Blount are here with us. And you should know that Visitors from USA + An upcoming birthday = Presents from AMERICA.

Isaac has been wanting(begging) to see LOTR for years. This year his dream came true… just in time for the Wii game to come out. WHAT! On a side note, pray that our Wii starts working. We thought we had it fixed for today but… let’s just say the word of the fix-it man was not his bond. 
Isaac with his present from Me. Mine was actually bought in Thailand and I think it #NAILEDit. It is “The Hobbit Official Movie Guide” My close Thai friend, Ping, gave me her employee discount at our bookstore. I love her so much. ❤
Benjamin: “Here, let me carry that heavy book for you.” 

Hero factory’s from Granny. He looks a little excited right?

Pat and Taylor gave Isaac the Orc Factory lego set.
And… THE BIG ONE. “The Mines of Moriah” from Mom and Dad. The cave troll is way cool if I do say so myself. 
Then it was time for the video card. Isaac has been wanting one of these for a while. Last year, on his birthday, I could tell he was disappointed that he didn’t get one. That’s why Benjamin and I worked from 9 am until 4 pm on this. Around noon Benjamin told me I needed to go get a shower and get ready. Not sure what he meant by that. You don’t like my face without makeup?!?! 🙂
Then came Lasagna and Cheese Herb Bread by Susan. It was Amazing. Seriously, guys, you have no idea. 
And then Pie. 
Isaac is not a traditional kid, he is a rebel, and therefore, he requested three chocolate pies for his birthday. Two for the family and guests, and one, just for him. 

I love this kid. 
In the afternoon, we watched “The Kid” with Bruce Willis. One of his finer films in my opinion. 
And the moon was all Orange-ish tonight. 🙂
Love you guys!
UPDATE: Just watched Johnny English to finish off this amazing day. OMGosh. LOL


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