A Day in the Life… Or Three

Ollo Peoples!!!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I’ve graced you with one of my scintillating posts. I know you’ve missed me terribly… I know. It’ll be ok. This post is going to be kind of a ramble. Several bloggable things have happened but they are just short stories, so I decided to mash them all in here together and call it “A day in the Life… Or Three.”

So anyways, Day One… We went to a chicken farm.

Really, Marg? A chicken farm? Really?

This was no ordinary chicken farm. It is the THE chicken farm. It is here that they breed and raise the Liam Neesons of the chicken fighting industry. If these chicken’s were race horses, they would be comparable to Sea Biscuit and Secretariat. True Story.

Why were we at this chicken farm? Well, Boon Lurt, (Yeah, the guy who looks in our windows) raises fighting chickens to sell. He helps to support his family this way. He wanted to go and check it out, and as it is only a 30 minute drive away, we took him. 

When we walked into the gate the first thing I saw was a fenced in, recently sodded, orange gazebo – complete with a portrait of the rooster to whom this gazebo belonged. That’s right, this gazebo was the home of only ONE rooster. I thought it was a bit much for one rooster until I found out that this rooster had won around 2,000,000 Baht in his four fights. (That is about 600,000 USD). WUT? 0_o


When Dad told them that I would like to take pictures for an english blog (He was all like, Free advertising, YO!) they were very excited and decided to get the rooster out for me to take pictures.

This rooster knew he was big stuff. He was only about 2 feet tall, but I’m positive he was looking down his beak at me.



 Don’t judge me, rich chicken. I know, you won 2,000,000 baht but, I… uh… I write a blog… and I have opposable thumbs.

These guys down here didn’t have their own gazebos… I guess because they only won 1,000,000 baht. (300,000 USD)



Freaky Little Ninja Chicken. He’s looking at your soul.

Yours today for only 25,000$


These are just a few of the hundreds of roosters that were on this farm. This farm sells hundreds of chicks every month. If you want to buy one, there is a waiting list as they are usually backordered for at least two months.


Rows of Roosters


Boon Lurt’s life was pretty much made. Actually, I just ran out there to ask him some questions and make sure I had my chicken facts straight. When I showed him the chicken’s pictures he got all excited and called his wife over to look.

 “Uh, Margaret? Can you print those three chicken pictures out for me? You know like… big pictures? I’m gonna decorate with them.”

So, if any of you want to buy a gladiator chicken. Make sure you tell them you heard it from me. “That girl with the English blog brought me here!”

Anyways, a week or so after the chicken looked down his nose at me and made me feel inferior I decided to learn some new skillz. Yes, “Skillz” is spelled with a “Z”. Your argument is invalid.

Day Two: I learned to weld.


Actually learning to weld had nothing to do with the chicken and everything to do with the fact that my dad is Awesome. He is a man of many skillz. One of which is welding and another is teaching. So yeah, all credit for my new skill set goes to “Dad – The Awesome.”

Can I just say that welding is amazing? The process of wielding heat and molten metal to merge pieces of steel together is bad. Bad as in good. “Bad to the bone. DA na na na na.”


Ok. Day Three.

We decided to go to The Mall. Which, seriously, is no big deal. It is pretty much the only place to go and hang out in our city. Whenever anyone invites you to go somewhere other than their own home, it is pretty much guaranteed to be The Mall. And yes, I keep capitalizing “The Mall” because that is literally it’s name. SUPER CREATIVE, I know.

However, this was no ordinary saturday. We stepped on to the escalator headed to our favorite movie store and stepped off smack dab in the middle of a Thai Anime Cosplay. Red contacts included.


IMG_1634IMG_1640420688_10201087731654233_1032551331_n537834_10201087729214172_1392909400_n389007_10201087743174521_438326147_nIMG_1630575626_10201087741494479_2008935781_n575484_10201087736774361_512137251_nIn closing,

My Life is Awesome.

Love you guys! ❤


8 thoughts on “A Day in the Life… Or Three

  1. It is taking everything within me to not wake the whole house by laughing! You, my friend, are sumthin’ else!

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